Giotto 1 Ch. Gracious Giotto Gatto deRey


  Date of birth: 02.11.2014

  Colour: blue golden shaded (BSH ay 11(25)

  Father: Ch. Irbis Precious Plush Dream  (BSH ay 11 33)

  Mother: Gr.Int.Ch.Gold Jellicoe D'Oaxaca (BSH ny 11)



 PKD DNA tested parents - negativ



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 DSC_0744  Macho Yasochka of Gatto deRey


  Date of birth: 03.04.2016

  Colour: black golden ticked (BSH ny 25 (12?)

  Father: Int.Ch. Tyson Coobricat  (BSH ns 25)

  Mother: Alpari Wendy (BSH ny 25)






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  Geronimo Gorgeous Geronimo Gatto deRey


  Date of birth: 30.04.2016

  Colour: choko golden shaded point (BSH by 11(25) 33)

  Father: Ch. Gracious Giotto Gatto deRey  (BSH ay 11(25)

  Mother: Neysa Nimiane Gatto deRey (BSH ns 11 33)



 PKD DNA tested parents - negativ



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DSC_1275   Ch. Irbis Precious Plush Dream


   Date of birth: 24.09.2011

   Colour: blue golden shaded point (BSH ay 11 33)

   Father: Ch. Kuingi Precious Plush Dream (BSH ay 25 33)

   Mother: Ch. Ofelia Evelin Star (BSH ny 25)

   Breeder: Simakova Elena


 PKD DNA tested - negativ



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