My name is Elisaveta Novitskene and I’m glad to welcome you at "GATTO deREY" cattery’s web-site.

Our cattery is registered in WCF system and we breed British shorthair and British longhair in golden and silver colours and their pointed variation.


British shorthair is one of the most popular cat’s breed as in Russia, so all over the world. And it’s not surprising, because British shorthair cats have splendid character: they are calm, affectionate, friendly and very sociable. They easily get on with children and other pets.

In spite of the popularity of British shorthair breed, many people doesn’t know less common, absolutely adorable colours of British shorthair, wich our cattery breed:






Silver shaded/ticked – cats in this colour looks like young Arctic fox, with green eyes, wich is much as outlined with black pencil. This colour is one of the most magnificent of British shorthair breed.


Golden shaded/ticked - cats of this colour have wonderfull undercoat in bright peach colour and dark green eyes. It’s simply impossible not to fall in love with these incomparable cats!


Blue golden shaded/ticked – is most rare colour among British shorthair breed of shaded/ticked. We are very proud to have cats of this colour in our cattery.  The undercoat in this colour has colour of baked milk - really unusual!

Silver shaded-point - one of the most gorgeous, very spectacular colour of British shorthair. They are looks similar to silver shaded, but they have blue eyes. Absolutely delightful cats with blue sky colored eyes!


Golden shaded-point - it’s unic colour among British shorthair breed, wich is still in developing. Their points coloured with golden and eye's colour is blue.


Our cats are from best breed lines of Netherlands and Germany. At international cat’s show, everybody’s attention is invariably payed to our cats. High titles and awards, which our cats get at these shows, accept their high breed quality by experts of felinology.